Any per­son affect­ed by any order issued by the Health Depart­ment in con­nec­tion with the enforce­ment of any Sec­tion of this Code, may file in the office of the Health Depart­ment a writ­ten request for a hear­ing before the Health Author­i­ty.  The Health Author­i­ty shall hold a hear­ing at a time and place des­ig­nat­ed by him with­in thir­ty (30) days from the date on which the writ­ten request was filed.  The peti­tion­er for the hear­ing shall be noti­fied of the time and place of the hear­ing not less than five (5) days pri­or to the date on which the hear­ing is to be held.  If, as a result of the hear­ing, the Health Author­i­ty finds that strict com­pli­ance with the order or notice would cause undue hard­ship on the peti­tion­er, and that the pub­lic health would be ade­quate­ly pro­tect­ed and sub­stan­tial jus­tice done by vary­ing or with­draw­ing the order or notice, the Health Author­i­ty may mod­i­fy or with­draw the order or notice and as a con­di­tion for such action may, where they deem it nec­es­sary, make require­ments which are addi­tion­al to those pre­scribed in this Code for the pur­pose of prop­er­ly pro­tect­ing the pub­lic health.  The Health Author­i­ty shall ren­der a deci­sion with­in ten (10) work­ing days after the date of the hear­ing which shall be reduced to writ­ing and placed on file in the office of the Health Depart­ment as a mat­ter of pub­lic record.  Any per­son aggriev­ed by the deci­sion of the Health Author­i­ty may seek relief there­from through a hear­ing before the Board of Health.