Inspec­tions of Food Ser­vice and Retail Food Estab­lish­ments will be per­formed at inter­vals required under their clas­si­fi­ca­tion as either 
“Cat­e­go­ry I”, “Cat­e­go­ry II”, and “Cat­e­go­ry III” as deter­mined by the Health Author­i­ty.  Addi­tion­al fol­low up inspec­tions (rechecks) and com­plaint inves­ti­ga­tions will be per­formed as often as nec­es­sary for the prop­er admin­is­tra­tion of the Illi­nois Food Laws.

(A) Access to Estab­lish­ment.  The Health Author­i­ty, after prop­er iden­ti­fi­ca­tion shall be per­mit­ted to enter, at any rea­son­able time, any food ser­vice estab­lish­ment or retail food store with­in the Coun­ty for the pur­pose of mak­ing inspec­tions to deter­mine com­pli­ance with this Code.  They shall be per­mit­ted to exam­ine the records of the estab­lish­ment to obtain per­ti­nent infor­ma­tion per­tain­ing to food and sup­plies pur­chased, received, or used and per­sons employed.

(B) Pro­ce­dures for Report­ing Inspec­tion Find­ings.  When­ev­er an inspec­tion of a retail food estab­lish­ment is made, the find­ings will be record­ed on the appro­pri­ate food inspec­tion form.  This inspec­tion report form will sum­ma­rize the require­ments of the Illi­nois Food Ser­vice San­i­ta­tion Code and will set forth a weight­ed point val­ue for each requirement.

Inspec­tion remarks shall be writ­ten to ref­er­ence, by rule num­ber, the sec­tion vio­lat­ed and will state the cor­rec­tion to be made.  The rat­ing score of the weight­ed point val­ues of all vio­la­tions sub­tract­ed from 100.  A copy of the com­plet­ed inspec­tion report form will be fur­nished to the per­son in charge of the estab­lish­ment at the con­clu­sion of the inspec­tion.  The com­plet­ed inspec­tion report form is a pub­lic doc­u­ment and will be made avail­able for pub­lic dis­clo­sure to any per­son who requests it.

A copy of the most recent Inspec­tion Report of the estab­lish­ment shall be dis­played in a promi­nent loca­tion with­in the estab­lish­ment, in such a man­ner as it may be eas­i­ly observed by the con­sum­ing pub­lic.  Fail­ure to dis­play the pre­vi­ous Inspec­tion Report shall be a 5 point weight­ed item on the inspection.

(C) Cor­rec­tion of Vio­la­tions.  The com­plet­ed inspec­tion report form will spec­i­fy a rea­son­able peri­od of time for the cor­rec­tion of the vio­la­tions found.  The cor­rec­tion of the vio­la­tions will be accom­plished with­in the peri­od spec­i­fied in accor­dance with the fol­low­ing provisions:

  1. If an immi­nent health haz­ard exists, such as com­plete lack of refrig­er­a­tion or sewage back­up in the estab­lish­ment, the estab­lish­ment shall be required to cease oper­a­tions until the vio­la­tion has been abated.
  2. All vio­la­tions of a 4 or 5 point weight­ed item shall be cor­rect­ed as soon as pos­si­ble.  Fol­low-up (Recheck) inspec­tions will be con­duct­ed to con­firm correction.
  3. All 1 and 2 point weight­ed items shall be cor­rect­ed as soon as possible.
  4. When the rat­ing score of the estab­lish­ment is less than 60, the estab­lish­ment shall ini­ti­ate cor­rec­tive action on all iden­ti­fi­able vio­la­tions with­in forty-eight (48) hours.  One or more re-inspec­­tions (rechecks) will be con­duct­ed at rea­son­able time inter­vals to deter­mine if cor­rec­tion action has been made.

(D) Ser­vice of Notices.  Notices pro­vid­ed for under this Sec­tion shall be deemed to have been prop­er­ly served when the orig­i­nal of the inspec­tion report form or oth­er notice has been deliv­ered per­son­al­ly to the per­mit hold­er or per­son in charge, or such notice has been sent by reg­is­tered or cer­ti­fied mail, return receipt request­ed, to the last known address or the per­mit hold­er.  A copy of such notice shall be filed with the records of the Health Authority.