Food may be exam­ined or sam­pled by the Health Author­i­ty as often as may be nec­es­sary to deter­mine free­dom from adul­ter­ation or mis­brand­ing.  The Health Author­i­ty may upon writ­ten notice to the own­er or per­son in charge, place a hold order on any food which he deter­mines, or has prob­a­ble cause to believe to be unwhole­some, or oth­er­wise, adul­ter­at­ed, or mis­brand­ed.  Under a hold order, food shall be per­mit­ted to be suit­ably stored.  It shall be unlaw­ful for any per­son to remove or alter a hold order notice or tag placed on food by the Health Author­i­ty, and nei­ther such food nor the con­tain­ers there­of shall be labeled, repacked, reprocessed, altered, dis­posed of, or destroyed, with­out per­mis­sion of the Health Author­i­ty, except on order by a court of com­pe­tent juris­dic­tion.  After the own­er or per­son in charge has had a hear­ing as pro­vid­ed for in Sec­tion 18–1‑13, and on the basis of evi­dence pro­duced at such hear­ing, or on the basis of his exam­i­na­tion in the event a writ­ten request for a hear­ing is not received, with­in ten (10) days, the Health Author­i­ty may vacate the hold order, or may be writ­ten order direct the own­er or per­son in charge of the food which was placed under the hold order to dena­ture or destroy such food or bring it into com­pli­ance with pro­vi­sions of this Code; pro­vid­ed that such order of the Health Author­i­ty to dena­ture or destroy such food or bring it into com­pli­ance with the pro­vi­sions of this Code shall be stayed if the order is appealed to a court of com­pe­tent juris­dic­tion with­in three (3) days.