It shall be unlaw­ful for any per­son to oper­ate a food ser­vice estab­lish­ment, mobile food unit, tem­po­rary food ser­vice estab­lish­ment, sea­son­al food ser­vice estab­lish­ment, or retail food store with­in the Coun­ty of Union, State of Illi­nois, who does not pos­sess a valid per­mit issued to them by the Health Author­i­ty.  Only a per­son who com­plies with the require­ments of this Code shall be enti­tled to receive and retain such a per­mit.  Per­mits shall not be trans­fer­able from one per­son to anoth­er per­son or place.  A valid per­mit shall be post­ed in a con­spic­u­ous place in every food ser­vice estab­lish­ment in view of the con­sum­ing public.

Per­mits for per­ma­nent food ser­vice estab­lish­ments, mobile food units, sea­son­al food ser­vice estab­lish­ments, and retail food stores shall remain the prop­er­ty of the Health Author­i­ty and shall expire on Decem­ber 31 of the year of the date of issuance or expi­ra­tion of the per­mit time peri­od.  Per­mits for tem­po­rary food ser­vice estab­lish­ments and tem­po­rary retail food stores shall be issued for a peri­od of time not to exceed four­teen (14) days.