Per­mits may be sus­pend­ed tem­porar­i­ly by the Health Author­i­ty for fail­ure of the per­mit hold­er to com­ply with the require­ments of this Code. When­ev­er a per­mit hold­er or oper­a­tor has failed to com­ply with any notice issued under the pro­vi­sions of Divi­sion II of this Code, the per­mit hold­er or oper­a­tor shall be noti­fied in writ­ing that the per­mit is, upon ser­vice of the notice, imme­di­ate­ly sus­pend­ed and that an oppor­tu­ni­ty for a hear­ing will be pro­vid­ed if a writ­ten request for a hear­ing is filed with the Health Author­i­ty by the per­mit hold­er.  Upon sus­pen­sion of the per­mit all food ser­vice activ­i­ties shall cease and resume only after the per­mit is reinstated.

Upon the sus­pen­sion of the per­mit, the per­mit shall be removed from the estab­lish­ment and returned to the Health Depart­ment. Notwith­stand­ing the oth­er pro­vi­sions of this Code, when­ev­er the Health Author­i­ty finds unsan­i­tary or oth­er con­di­tions on oper­a­tion of a food ser­vice estab­lish­ment or retail food store which, in their judg­ment, con­sti­tute a sub­stan­tial haz­ard to the pub­lic health, they may with­out warn­ing, notice of hear­ing, issue a writ­ten notice to the per­mit hold­er or oper­a­tor cit­ing such con­di­tion, spec­i­fy­ing the cor­rec­tive action to be tak­en, and spec­i­fy­ing the time peri­od with­in which such action shall be tak­en; and, if deemed nec­es­sary such order shall state that the per­mit is imme­di­ate­ly sus­pend­ed, and all oper­a­tions as a food ser­vice estab­lish­ment or retail food store are to be imme­di­ate­ly dis­con­tin­ued. Any per­son to whom such an order is issued shall com­ply imme­di­ate­ly there­with, but upon writ­ten peti­tion to the Health Author­i­ty shall be afford­ed a hear­ing as soon as possible.