(A) Where a sub­sur­face seep­age field is installed as a com­po­nent part of a pri­vate sewage dis­pos­al sys­tem, the seep­age area pro­vid­ed shall be in accor­dance 
with the Pri­vate Sewage Dis­pos­al Licens­ing Act and Code.  A min­i­mum of three hun­dred (300) square feet of seep­age area shall be provided.

(B) An efflu­ent reduc­tion sys­tem, equal to one hun­dred (100) square feet of absorp­tion area per bed­room, shall be installed after a sur­face dis­charg­ing unit (except­ing lagoons and sand­fil­ters) if the efflu­ent from the system:

  1. will be dis­charged in a high den­si­ty res­i­den­tial area and, the efflu­ent dis­charge point is with­in fifty (50) feet of the prop­er­ty line or build­ing set­back line, or ten (10) feet of the right-of-way, whichev­er pro­vides for the great­est dis­tance, and/or
  2. the dis­charge is to a body of water (state, coun­ty or town­ship road­side ditch, water­way, creek, lake).  This shall not apply to a dis­charge to a pond or lake that is pri­vate­ly owned by the per­son whom the sys­tem is serving.