In addi­tion to those pro­vi­sions set forth, these reg­u­la­tions shall be inter­pret­ed and enforced in accor­dance with the pro­vi­sions set forth in the fol­low­ing statutes, rules, and reg­u­la­tions of the State of Illi­nois, Depart­ment of Pub­lic Health and any sub­se­quent amend­ments or revi­sions there­to, which pub­li­ca­tions are incor­po­rat­ed here­in and adopt­ed by ref­er­ence as part of these regulations.

(A) Illi­nois Water Well Con­struc­tion Code – 77 IL Adm. Code 920

(B) Illi­nois Water Well Pump Instal­la­tion Code – 77 IL Adm. Code 925

(C) Pub­lic Area San­i­tary Prac­tice Code – 77 IL Adm. Code 895

(D) Drink­ing Water Sys­tems Code – 77 IL Adm. Code 900

(E) Sur­face Water Treat­ment Code – 77 IL Adm. Code 930

(F) Illi­nois Plumb­ing Code – 77 IL Adm. Code 890