(A) Any ben­e­fit pro­vid­ed pur­suant to the Retiree Health Insur­ance Pro­gram shall only be used as a cred­it toward the month­ly pre­mi­um of a Coun­ty health insur­ance plan.  Such ben­e­fit shall not be paid direct­ly to a Par­tic­i­pant and shall not be applied to the cost of any oth­er health insur­ance plan.

(B) At least one (1) Par­tic­i­pant shall serve as a mem­ber of any advi­so­ry health insur­ance com­mit­tee estab­lished by the County.

(C) The Coun­ty shall pro­vide time­ly notice to each Par­tic­i­pant and/or any cov­ered spouse and/or fam­i­ly mem­ber of the health plan select­ed by the Coun­ty and the amount and due date of each Par­tic­i­pant Por­tion and/or month­ly pre­mi­um payment.

(D) The Coun­ty shall review this Res­o­lu­tion and the Retiree Health Insur­ance Pro­gram annu­al­ly as part of the County’s annu­al review of health insur­ance ben­e­fits and policies.

(E) The Coun­ty retains the pow­er to revise, mod­i­fy, amend or repeal this res­o­lu­tion or any part of this res­o­lu­tion; pro­vid­ed, how­ev­er, should the Coun­ty dis­con­tin­ue the Retiree Health Insur­ance Pro­gram, any Par­tic­i­pant, spouse, fam­i­ly mem­ber, sur­viv­ing spouse, or sur­viv­ing fam­i­ly mem­ber active­ly enrolled in the Retiree Health Insur­ance Pro­gram at the time of such dis­con­tin­u­ance shall remain eli­gi­ble to par­tic­i­pate in the Retiree Health Insur­ance Pro­gram on the terms and con­di­tions in effect imme­di­ate­ly pri­or to such discontinuance.

(Ord. No. 2011-03; 02–09–11)