Code of Ordinances

Of Union County, Illinois.

21-3-14 Dramshop Insurance Required

No license of any class to sell alcoholic liquor shall be issued by the Liquor Control Commissioner unless the applicant therefor has presented a written commitment or “Binder” from a licensed dramshop insurer to insure the said licensee in an amount not less than the maximum limit for recovery provided for in 235 ILCS 5/6-21.  The licensee shall contemporaneous with the issuance of a license, present evidence of such insurance (a duplicate policy and a paid receipt for the premium therefor) to the Liquor Control Commissioner.  The licensee’s failure to keep such dramshop insurance in force throughout the entire period for which the aforesaid license is issued shall be grounds for revocation of such license.  (See 235 ILCS 5/1-3.17-1 and 5/5-1(e))

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