A license issued under this Chap­ter shall be pure­ly a per­son­al priv­i­lege, and shall not con­sti­tute prop­er­ty nor shall it be sub­ject to attach­ment, gar­nish­ment or exe­cu­tion, nor shall it be alien­able or trans­fer­able, vol­un­tar­i­ly or invol­un­tar­i­ly, or sub­ject to being encum­bered or hypoth­e­cat­ed.  A license issued under this Chap­ter shall not descend by the laws of tes­tate or intes­tate devo­lu­tion, but it shall cease upon the death of the licensee, pro­vid­ed that execu­tors and admin­is­tra­tors of any estate of the deceased licensee and the trustees of any insol­vent or bank­rupt licensee, when such estate con­sists in part of alco­holic liquor, may con­tin­ue the busi­ness of the sale of alco­holic liquor under the order of the court hav­ing juris­dic­tion of such estate and may exer­cise the priv­i­leges of such deceased, insol­vent, or bank­rupt licensee after the death of such descen­dent or such insol­ven­cy or bank­rupt­cy until the expi­ra­tion of such license, but not longer than six (6) months after the death, bank­rupt­cy or insol­ven­cy of such licensee.  (See 235 ILCS 5/6–1)