Notwith­stand­ing any oth­er pro­vi­sion of this Chap­ter, a restau­rant licensed to sell alco­holic liquor in this Coun­ty may per­mit a patron to remove one unsealed and par­tial­ly con­sumed bot­tle of wine for off-premise con­sump­tion pro­vid­ed that the patron has pur­chased a meal and con­sumed a por­tion of the bot­tle of wine with the meal on the restau­rant premis­es.  A par­tial­ly con­sumed bot­tle of wine that is to be removed from the premis­es pur­suant to this Sec­tion shall be secure­ly sealed by the licensee or an agent of the licensee pri­or to removal from the premis­es and placed in a trans­par­ent one-time use tam­per-proof bag.  The licensee or agent of the licensee shall pro­vide a dat­ed receipt for the bot­tle of wine to the patron.  Pur­suant to 235 ILCS 5/6–33, wine that is resealed in accor­dance with the pro­vi­sions of this Sec­tion and not tam­pered with and trans­port­ed in accor­dance with the restric­tions of sub­sec­tions (a) and (b) of Sec­tion 11–502 of the Illi­nois Vehi­cle Code shall not be deemed to vio­late Sec­tion 11–502 of the Illi­nois Vehi­cle Code.