(A) All retail licensees shall main­tain a sched­ule of the prices charged for all drinks of alco­holic liquor to be served and con­sumed on the licensed premis­es or in any room or part there­of.  When­ev­er a hotel or mul­ti-use estab­lish­ment which holds a valid retailer’s license oper­ates on its premis­es more than one estab­lish­ment at which drinks of alco­holic liquor are sold at retail, the hotel or mul­ti-use estab­lish­ment shall main­tain at each such estab­lish­ment a sep­a­rate sched­ule of the prices charged for such drinks at the establishment.

(B) No retail licensee or employ­ee or agent of such licensee shall:

  1. Serve two (2) or more drinks of alco­holic liquor at one time to one per­son for con­sump­tion by that one per­son, except sell­ing or deliv­er­ing wine by the bot­tle or carafe;
  2. Sell, offer to sell or serve to any per­son an unlim­it­ed num­ber of drinks of alco­holic liquor dur­ing any set peri­od of time for a fixed price, except at pri­vate func­tions not open to the gen­er­al public;
  3. Sell, offer to sell or serve any drink of alco­holic liquor to any per­son on any one date at a reduced price oth­er than that charged oth­er pur­chasers of drinks on that day where such reduced price is a pro­mo­tion to encour­age con­sump­tion of alco­holic liquor, except as autho­rized in sub­sec­tion (c)(7) of this Section;
  4. Increase the vol­ume of alco­holic liquor con­tained in a drink, or the size of a drink of alco­holic liquor, with­out increas­ing pro­por­tion­ate­ly the price reg­u­lar­ly charged for the drink on that day;
  5. Encour­age or per­mit, on the licensed premis­es, any game or con­test which involves drink­ing alco­holic liquor or the award­ing of drinks of alco­holic liquor as prizes for such game or con­test on the licensed premis­es; or
  6. Adver­tise or pro­mote in any way, whether on or off the licens­es premis­es, any of the prac­tices pro­hib­it­ed under para­graphs (1) through (5).

(C) Noth­ing in sub­sec­tion (B) of this Sec­tion shall be con­strued to pro­hib­it a licensee from:

  1. Offer­ing free food or enter­tain­ment at any time;
  2. Includ­ing drinks or alco­holic liquor as part of a meal package;
  3. Includ­ing drinks of alco­holic liquor as part of a hotel package;
  4. Nego­ti­at­ing drinks of alco­holic liquor as part of a con­tract between a hotel or mul­ti-use estab­lish­ment and anoth­er group for the hold­ing of any func­tion, meet­ing, con­ven­tion or trade show;
  5. Pro­vid­ing room ser­vice to per­sons rent­ing rooms at a hotel;
  6. Sell­ing pitch­ers (or the equiv­a­lent, includ­ing but not lim­it­ed to buck­ets), carafes, or bot­tles of alco­holic liquor which are cus­tom­ar­i­ly sold in such man­ner and deliv­ered to two (2) or more per­sons at one time; or
  7. Increas­ing prices of drinks of alco­holic liquor in lieu of, in whole, or in part, a cov­er charge to off­set the cost of spe­cial enter­tain­ment not reg­u­lar­ly scheduled.

(See 235 ILCS Sec. 5/6–28)