No license shall be issued for the sale of any alco­holic liquor at retail with­in one thou­sand (1,000) feet of any church, school (oth­er than an insti­tu­tion of high­er learn­ing), hos­pi­tal, home for the aged or indi­gent per­sons, or for vet­er­ans, their spous­es or chil­dren or any mil­i­tary or naval sta­tion; pro­vid­ed, that this pro­hi­bi­tion shall not apply to hotels offer­ing restau­rant ser­vice, reg­u­lar­ly orga­nized clubs or to restau­rants, food shops, or oth­er places where the sale of alco­holic liquors is not the prin­ci­pal busi­ness car­ried on if such place of busi­ness so exempt­ed shall have been estab­lished for such pur­pos­es pri­or to the tak­ing effect of this Chap­ter; nor to the renew­al of a license for the sale at retail of alco­holic liquor on the premis­es with­in one thou­sand (1,000) feet of any church or school where such church or school has been estab­lished with­in such one thou­sand (1,000) feet since the issuance of the orig­i­nal license.  In the case of a church, the dis­tance of one thou­sand (1,000) feet shall be mea­sured to the near­est part of any build­ing used for wor­ship ser­vices or edu­ca­tion­al pro­grams and not to prop­er­ty bound­aries.  In the case of a school, the dis­tance of one thou­sand (1,000) feet shall be mea­sured to the near­est prop­er­ty line.

Noth­ing in this Sec­tion shall pro­hib­it the issuance of a license to a church or pri­vate school to sell at retail alco­holic liquor if any such sales are lim­it­ed to peri­ods when groups are assem­bled on the premis­es sole­ly for the pro­mo­tion of some com­mon object oth­er than the sale or con­sump­tion of alco­holic liquors. (See 235 ILCS 5/6–11)