Every lot, par­cel or tract of land, and every build­ing, struc­ture, tent, rail­road car, boat, wag­on, vehi­cle, estab­lish­ment or place what­so­ev­er, togeth­er with all fur­ni­ture, fix­tures, orna­ments and machin­ery locat­ed there­on, where­in there shall be con­duct­ed any unlaw­ful sale of any alco­holic liquor, or where­on or where­in there shall be kept, stored, con­cealed or allowed any alco­holic liquor intend­ed for ille­gal sale or to be sold, dis­posed of or in any oth­er man­ner used in vio­la­tion of any of the pro­vi­sions of this Code, is here­by declared to be a pub­lic nui­sance and shall be abat­ed as pro­vid­ed by the laws of this State for the abate­ment of pub­lic nuisances.