Any five (5) res­i­dents of the Coun­ty shall have the right to file a com­plaint with the Liquor Con­trol Com­mis­sion­er, stat­ing that a licensee under this Code has been or is vio­lat­ing the pro­vi­sions of this Code, the Act or any rules or reg­u­la­tions issued there­un­der.  Such com­plaint shall be made in writ­ing and shall be signed and sworn to by the par­ties com­plain­ing.  The com­plaint shall state the par­tic­u­lar pro­vi­sion, rule or reg­u­la­tion believed to have been vio­lat­ed and the facts in detail upon which such belief is based.  If the Liquor Con­trol Com­mis­sion­er is sat­is­fied that the com­plaint sub­stan­tial­ly charges a vio­la­tion, and that from the facts alleged, there is rea­son­able cause for such belief, the mat­ter shall be set for hear­ing, and shall serve notice upon the licensee of the time and place of such hear­ing and of the par­tic­u­lar charges in the complaint.