In addi­tion to, or in lieu of, a sus­pen­sion or revo­ca­tion of any license issued under this Chap­ter, the Liquor Con­trol Com­mis­sion­er may levy a fine on the licensee upon a deter­mi­na­tion that the licensee has vio­lat­ed any pro­vi­sion of this Chap­ter, the Act, the Code or any applic­a­ble rule or reg­u­la­tion estab­lished by the Liquor Con­trol Com­mis­sion­er or by the Illi­nois Liquor Con­trol Com­mis­sion.  The fine imposed for a vio­la­tion shall not exceed One Thou­sand Dol­lars ($1,000.00).  Each day on which a vio­la­tion con­tin­ues shall con­sti­tute a sep­a­rate vio­la­tion.  Pro­ceeds from fines levied under this Chap­ter shall be paid to the gen­er­al fund of the Coun­ty.  (Ord. No. 2010-11; 05–04–10)