Code of Ordinances

Of Union County, Illinois.

21-5-3 Notice of Revocation, Suspension and/or Fine

No license issued under this Chapter shall be revoked or suspended and no licensee shall be fined except after a public hearing by the Liquor Control Commissioner with a three (3) day written notice to the licensee affording the licensee an opportunity to appear and defend; provided, however, if the Liquor Control Commissioner has reason to believe that any continued operation of a particular licensed premises will immediately threaten the welfare of the community the Liquor Control Commissioner may, upon the issuance of a written order stating the reason for such conclusion and without notice or hearing order the licensed premises closed for not more than seven (7) days, giving the licensee an opportunity to be heard during that period, except that if such licensee shall also be engaged in the conduct of another business or businesses on the licensed premises such order shall not be applicable to such other business or businesses.

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