Appeal of any order of the Liquor Con­trol Com­mis­sion­er shall be as pro­vid­ed in the Act; pro­vid­ed, how­ev­er, appeal shall be lim­it­ed to a review of the offi­cial record of the pro­ceed­ings.  The offi­cial record shall be a cer­ti­fied offi­cial record of the pro­ceed­ings tak­en and pre­pared by a cer­ti­fied court reporter or cer­ti­fied short­hand reporter.  A copy of this record shall be filed by the Liquor Con­trol Com­mis­sion­er with­in five (5) days after notice of the fil­ing of such appeal is received by the Coun­ty from the Illi­nois Liquor Con­trol Commission.