In the event one of the County’s cus­tomers becomes a vic­tim of iden­ti­ty theft, the fol­low­ing steps will be tak­en, as appro­pri­ate, to assist them:

(A) Have trained per­son­nel respond to cus­tomer calls regard­ing iden­ti­ty theft or pre­text calling.

(B) Deter­mine if it is nec­es­sary to close an account imme­di­ate­ly after a cus­tomer reports unau­tho­rized use of that account and cre­ate a new cus­tomer account when appro­pri­ate.  Where a cus­tomer has mul­ti­ple accounts, an assess­ment will be made as to whether any oth­er account has been the sub­ject of poten­tial fraud.

(C) Help edu­cate the cus­tomer about appro­pri­ate steps to take if they have been victimized.