All requests to inspect or copy records or doc­u­ments pre­pared, main­tained or under the con­trol of the Coun­ty shall be made in the fol­low­ing manner:

(A) All requests shall be in writ­ing, shall state with rea­son­able par­tic­u­lar­i­ty what records are to be inspect­ed or copied, shall state whether the records are request­ed for a com­mer­cial pur­pose, and shall be signed by the per­son mak­ing the request.  The request may be, but is not required to be, sub­mit­ted on a form pro­vid­ed by the County.

(B) The writ­ten request shall be sub­mit­ted to the Coun­ty Clerk or to the May­or.  If nei­ther the Coun­ty Clerk nor the May­or is avail­able, the request shall be sub­mit­ted to any employ­ee of the Coun­ty act­ing under the direc­tion of the Coun­ty Clerk.

(C) The Offi­cer receiv­ing the request shall date stamp the request and indi­cate the date by which a response to the request must be made.

(D) Each request for oth­er than com­mer­cial pur­pos­es shall be grant­ed or denied in writ­ing with­in five (5) busi­ness days after its receipt by the Coun­ty, except as here­after stat­ed.  The fail­ure to grant or deny a request with­in five (5) busi­ness days shall oper­ate as a denial, except as pro­vid­ed here­in below.

(E) The time lim­it set forth here­in above may be extend­ed for an addi­tion­al five (5) busi­ness days by notice in writ­ing to the per­son mak­ing the request of the five (5) busi­ness days exten­sion.  The noti­fi­ca­tion shall state the reason(s) for the five (5) busi­ness day’s exten­sion and con­tain a date cer­tain on which the request­ed record(s) will be avail­able.  The fail­ure to grant or deny a request with­in the addi­tion­al five (5) busi­ness days shall oper­ate as a denial.  The per­son mak­ing the request and the Coun­ty may agree in writ­ing to extend the time for com­pli­ance for a peri­od to be deter­mined by the par­ties.  If the per­son mak­ing the request and the Coun­ty agree to extend the peri­od for com­pli­ance, a fail­ure by the Coun­ty to com­ply with any pre­vi­ous dead­lines shall not be treat­ed as a denial of the request for the records.

(F) Charges for copies of records and/or doc­u­ments shall be imposed in accor­dance with the following:

  1. No fees shall be charged for the first fifty (50) pages of black and white, let­ter or legal sized copies requested.
  2. Fif­teen Cents ($0.15) for one-sided page for each black and white, let­ter, legal sized or 11” x 17” copy requested.
  3. One Dol­lar ($1.00) for each cer­ti­fied copy requested.
  4. Ten Cents ($0.10) for each audio recording.

(G) It shall be the respon­si­bil­i­ty of the per­son mak­ing the request to pick up the request­ed doc­u­ments at the Coun­ty­Build­ing.  If the per­son mak­ing the request asks the Coun­ty to mail the doc­u­ments, he or she shall pro­vide the Coun­ty with his/her cor­rect mail­ing address so as to effi­cient­ly process all requests.  Copies of records request­ed to be mailed will be for­ward­ed Unit­ed States Cer­ti­fied Mail to the address pro­vid­ed.  Pre-pay­­ment of Two Dol­lars Fifty Cents ($2.50) per ounce shall be required.

(H) When a per­son requests a copy of a record main­tained in an elec­tron­ic for­mat, the Coun­ty shall fur­nish it in the elec­tron­ic for­mat spec­i­fied by the per­son mak­ing the request, if fea­si­ble.  If it is not fea­si­ble to fur­nish the pub­lic records in the spec­i­fied elec­tron­ic for­mat, then the Coun­ty shall fur­nish it in the for­mat in which it is main­tained by the Coun­ty, or in paper for­mat at the option of the per­son mak­ing the request.