A request for all records with­in a cat­e­go­ry shall be grant­ed unless the request con­sti­tutes an undue bur­den upon the Coun­ty.  Pri­or to deny­ing a request based upon the bur­den­some nature of the request, an oppor­tu­ni­ty to nar­row the request to man­age­able pro­por­tions shall be pro­vid­ed.  If the attempt to nar­row the request fails, the request may be denied because com­pli­ance will undu­ly bur­den the oper­a­tions of the Coun­ty and the bur­den out­weighs the pub­lic inter­est in the infor­ma­tion.  The denial shall be in writ­ing, spec­i­fy­ing the rea­sons why com­pli­ance will be undu­ly bur­den­some and the extent to which com­pli­ance will so bur­den the oper­a­tions of the Coun­ty.  Repeat­ed requests from the same per­son for the same records that are unchanged or iden­ti­cal to records pre­vi­ous­ly pro­vid­ed are prop­er­ly denied under the Free­dom of Infor­ma­tion Act shall be deemed undu­ly bur­den­some under this Section.