The pri­ma­ry objec­tive, in order of pri­or­i­ty, shall be:

(A) Legal­i­ty.  Con­for­mance with fed­er­al, state and oth­er legal requirements.

(B) Safe­ty.  Preser­va­tion of cap­i­tal and pro­tec­tion of invest­ment principal.

(C) Liq­uid­i­ty.  Main­te­nance of suf­fi­cient liq­uid­i­ty to meet oper­at­ing requirements.

(D) Yield.  Attain­ment of mar­ket rates of return.

The port­fo­lio should be reviewed peri­od­i­cal­ly as to its effec­tive­ness in meet­ing the County’s needs for safe­ty, liq­uid­i­ty, rate of return, diver­si­fi­ca­tion and its gen­er­al performance.