The dri­ver of a vehi­cle shall stop in obe­di­ence to a stop sign at an inter­sec­tion where a stop sign is erect­ed pur­suant to ordi­nance at one or more entrances there­to and shall pro­ceed cau­tious­ly, yield­ing to the vehi­cles not so oblig­ed to stop which are with­in the inter­sec­tion or approach­ing so close as to con­sti­tute an imme­di­ate haz­ard, unless traf­fic at such inter­sec­tion is con­trolled by a police offi­cer on duty, in which event, the direc­tions of the police offi­cer shall be com­plied with.  Sched­ule “A” shall list all stop inter­sec­tions. (See 625 ILCS Sec. 5/11–302)