The dri­ver of a vehi­cle approach­ing a yield sign, in obe­di­ence to such sign, shall slow down to a speed rea­son­able for the exist­ing con­di­tions and if required for safe­ty to stop, shall stop at a clear­ly marked stop line, but if none, before enter­ing the cross­walk on the near side of the inter­sec­tion or if none, then at the point near­est the inter­sect­ing road­way where the dri­ver has a view of approach­ing traf­fic on the inter­sect­ing road­way.  After slow­ing or stop­ping, the dri­ver shall yield the right-of-way to any vehi­cle in the inter­sec­tion or approach­ing on anoth­er road­way so close­ly as to con­sti­tute an imme­di­ate haz­ard dur­ing the time such dri­ver is mov­ing across or with­in the inter­sec­tion.  Sched­ule “D” shall list all applic­a­ble yield right-of-way inter­sec­tions.  (See 625 ILCS 5/11–302)