The Illi­nois Vehi­cle Code, Illi­nois Com­piled Statutes, Chap­ter 625, Arti­cle II, enti­tled “Rulesof the Road”, as passed, approved and amend­ed by the Illi­nois Gen­er­al Assem­bly is here­by adopt­ed by the Coun­ty and the pro­vi­sions there­of shall be con­trol­ling with­in the Coun­ty except for the fol­low­ing changes, dele­tions and omissions:

(A) Omis­sions:

  1. Omit Sec­tions 5/11–202, 5/11–204, 5/11–207, 5/11–208, 5/11–208.1, 5/11–208.2, 5/11–209, 5/11–211, 5/11–302, 5/11–303, 5/11–500 to and includ­ing 5/11–504, 5/11–602, 5/11–603, 5/11–604, 5/11–606(b), 5/11–608, 11–1419.02, and 11–1422.

(B) Changes and Additions:

  1. Change 5/11–904(a) to read:  “Pref­er­en­tial right-of-way at an inter­sec­tion may be indi­cat­ed by stop or yield signs as autho­rized by this Code.”
  2. Change 5/11–1416(a) to read: “Any per­son who shall will­ful­ly and unnec­es­sar­i­ly attempt to delay, hin­der or obstruct any oth­er per­son in law­ful­ly dri­ving and trav­el­ing upon or along any high­way with­in this State or who shall offer for barter or sale, mer­chan­dise on said high­way so as to inter­fere with the effec­tive move­ment of traf­fic shall, upon con­vic­tion, be guilty of a vio­la­tion of this Code.”