(A) Except when nec­es­sary to avoid con­flict with oth­er traf­fic, or in com­pli­ance with law or the direc­tions of a police offi­cer, deputy sher­iff, or offi­cial traf­f­ic-con­trol devices, no per­son shall:

(1) Stop, Stand or Park a Vehicle:

  • On the road­way side of any vehi­cle stopped or parked at the edge or curb of a street;
  • On a sidewalk;
  • With­in an intersection;
  • On a crosswalk;
  • Between a safe­ty zone and the adja­cent curb or with­in thir­ty (30) feet of points on the curb imme­di­ate­ly oppo­site the ends of a safe­ty zone, unless a dif­fer­ent length is indi­cat­ed by signs or markings;
  • Along­side or oppo­site any street exca­va­tion or obstruc­tion when stop­ping, stand­ing or park­ing would obstruct traffic;
  • Upon any bridge or oth­er ele­vat­ed struc­ture upon a high­way or with­in a high­way tunnel;
  • On any rail­road tracks;
  • At any place where offi­cial signs pro­hib­it stopping;
  • On any con­trolled-access highway;
  • In the area between road­ways of a divid­ed high­way, includ­ing crossovers;
  • In any alley that is open and maintained;

(2) Stand or Park a Vehi­cle (whether occu­pied or not, except momen­tar­i­ly to pick up or dis­charge passengers):

  • In front of a pub­lic or pri­vate driveway;
  • With­in fif­teen (15) feet of a fire hydrant;
  • With­in twen­ty (20) feet of a cross­walk at an intersection;
  • With­in thir­ty feet (30′) upon the approach to any flash­ing sig­nal, stop sign, yield sign or traf­f­ic-con­trol sig­nal locat­ed at the side of the roadway;
  • With­in twen­ty (20) feet of the dri­ve­way entrance to any fire sta­tion and on the side of a street oppo­site the entrance to any fire sta­tion with­in sev­en­­ty-five (75) feet of such entrance (when prop­er­ly sign-posted);
  • At any place where offi­cial signs pro­hib­it stand­ing or parking;

(3) Park a Vehi­cle (whether occu­pied or not, except tem­porar­i­ly for the pur­pose of and while actu­al­ly engaged in load­ing or unload­ing prop­er­ty or passengers):

  • with­in fifty (50) feet of the near­est rail of a rail­road crossing;
  • at any place where offi­cial signs pro­hib­it parking;
  •  that is classed as a recre­ation­al vehi­cle on a pub­lic street, high­way, or road.

(B) No per­son shall move a vehi­cle not law­ful­ly under his con­trol into any such pro­hib­it­ed area or away from a curb such dis­tance as is unlaw­ful.  (See 625 ILCS 5/11–1303)