The Sheriff’s Depart­ment and all mem­bers there­of assigned to traf­fic duty are here­by autho­rized to remove and tow away, or have removed and towed away by com­mer­cial tow­ing ser­vice, any car, boat, trail­er, or oth­er vehi­cle ille­gal­ly parked in any place where such parked vehi­cle cre­ates or con­sti­tutes a traf­fic haz­ard, blocks the use of a fire hydrant or obstructs or may obstruct the move­ment of any emer­gency vehi­cle; or any vehi­cle which has been parked in any pub­lic street or oth­er pub­lic place for a peri­od of twen­­ty-four (24) hours or more.

Vehi­cles towed away shall be stored on any Coun­ty prop­er­ty or in a pub­lic garage or park­ing lot and shall be restored to the own­er or oper­a­tor there­of after pay­ment of the expense incurred by the Coun­ty in remov­ing and stor­ing such vehicle(s).