(A) When a vehi­cle locat­ed with­in the cor­po­rate lim­its is autho­rized to be towed away by a law enforce­ment agency hav­ing juris­dic­tion and dis­posed of as set forth in this Arti­cle, the pro­ceeds of the pub­lic sale or dis­po­si­tion after the deduc­tion of tow­ing, stor­age and pro­cess­ing charges shall be deposit­ed in the trea­sury of the County.

(B) The pro­vi­sions of this Sec­tion shall not apply to vehi­cles dis­posed of or sold at pub­lic sale under sub­sec­tion (k) of 625 ILCS 5/4–107 of the Illi­nois Vehi­cle Code.  (625 ILCS 5/4–211)