When an aban­doned, lost, stolen or unclaimed vehi­cle comes into the tem­po­rary pos­ses­sion or cus­tody of a per­son in this Coun­ty, not the own­er of the vehi­cle, such per­son shall imme­di­ate­ly noti­fy the munic­i­pal police when the vehi­cle is with­in the cor­po­rate lim­its of any Coun­ty hav­ing a duly autho­rized police depart­ment, or the State Police or the coun­ty sher­iff when the vehi­cle is out­side the cor­po­rate lim­its of the Coun­ty.  Upon receipt of such noti­fi­ca­tion, the munic­i­pal police will autho­rize a tow­ing ser­vice to remove and take pos­ses­sion of the aban­doned, lost, stolen or unclaimed vehi­cle.  The tow­ing ser­vice will safe­ly keep the towed vehi­cle and its con­tents, main­tain a record of the tow as set forth in 625 ILCS 5/4–204 for law enforce­ment agen­cies, until the vehi­cle is claimed by the own­er or any oth­er per­son legal­ly enti­tled to pos­ses­sion there­of or until it is dis­posed of as pro­vid­ed in this Code.  (625 ILCS 5/4–202)