(A) The reg­u­la­tions applic­a­ble to bicy­cles shall apply when­ev­er a bicy­cle is oper­at­ed upon any high­way or upon any path set aside for the exclu­sive use of bicy­cles sub­ject to those excep­tions stat­ed in this Chapter.

(B) Every per­son rid­ing a bicy­cle upon a road­way shall be grant­ed all of the rights and shall be sub­ject to all of the duties applic­a­ble to the dri­ver of a vehi­cle by the laws of the State declar­ing rules of the road applic­a­ble to vehi­cles or by this title applic­a­ble to the dri­ver of a vehi­cle, except as to spe­cial reg­u­la­tions in this Chap­ter and except as to those reg­u­la­tions which by their nature can have no application.

(C) Any per­son oper­at­ing a bicy­cle shall obey the instruc­tions of offi­cial traf­f­ic-con­trol sig­nals, signs and oth­er con­trol devices applic­a­ble to vehi­cles, unless oth­er­wise direct­ed by a police offi­cer or sheriff’s deputy.

(D) When­ev­er autho­rized signs are erect­ed indi­cat­ing that no right or left turn or U‑turn is per­mit­ted, no per­son oper­at­ing a bicy­cle shall dis­obey the direc­tion of any such sign, except where such per­son dis­mounts from the bicy­cle to make any such turn, in which event such per­son shall then obey the reg­u­la­tions applic­a­ble to pedestrians.