(A) Every bicy­cle, when in use at night­time, shall be equipped with a lamp on the front which shall emit a white light vis­i­ble from a dis­tance of at least five hun­dred (500) feet to the front and with a red reflec­tor on the rear of a type approved by the Illi­nois Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion which shall be vis­i­ble from all dis­tances of one hun­dred (100) feet to six hun­dred (600) feet to the rear when direct­ly in front of law­ful low­er beams of head­lights on a motor vehi­cle.  A lamp emit­ting a red light vis­i­ble from a dis­tance of five hun­dred (500) feet to the rear may be used in addi­tion to the red reflector.

(B) A bicy­cle shall not be equipped with, nor shall any per­son use any siren upon a bicycle.

(C) Every bicy­cle shall be equipped with a brake which will ade­quate­ly con­trol move­ment of and stop and hold such bicycle.

(D) No per­son shall sell a new bicy­cle or ped­al for use on a bicy­cle that is not equipped with a reflex reflec­tor or con­form­ing to spec­i­fi­ca­tions pre­scribed by the State on each ped­al, vis­i­ble from the front and rear of the bicy­cle dur­ing dark­ness from a dis­tance of two hun­dred (200) feet.

(E) No per­son shall sell or offer for sale a new bicy­cle that is not equipped with side reflec­tors.  Such reflec­tors shall be vis­i­ble from each side of the bicy­cle from a dis­tance of five hun­dred (500) feet and shall be essen­tial­ly col­or­less or red or amber to the front of the cen­ter of the bicy­cle pro­vid­ed.  The require­ments of this para­graph may be met by reflec­tive mate­ri­als which shall be at least three-six­­teenths (3/16) of an inch wide on each side of each tire or rim to indi­cate as clear­ly as pos­si­ble the con­tin­u­ous cir­cu­lar shape and size of the tires or rims of such bicy­cle and which reflec­tive mate­ri­als may be of the same col­or on both the front and rear tire or rim.  Such reflec­tors shall con­form to spec­i­fi­ca­tions pre­scribed by the State.

(F) No per­son shall sell or offer for sale a new bicy­cle that is not equipped with an essen­tial­ly col­or­less front fac­ing reflector.