The Coun­ty may demol­ish, repair, or enclose or cause the demo­li­tion, repair, or enclo­sure of dan­ger­ous and unsafe build­ings or uncom­plet­ed and aban­doned build­ings with­in the Coun­ty and may remove or cause the removal of garbage, debris, and oth­er haz­ardous, nox­ious, or unhealthy sub­stances or mate­ri­als from those build­ing.  There­for, the Coun­ty does here­by adopt by ref­er­ence the applic­a­ble pro­vi­sions of Chap­ter 55 of the Illi­nois Com­piled Statutes, Sec­tion 5/5–1121 gov­ern­ing dan­ger­ous and unsafe buildings.