For the pur­pose of this Arti­cle, the fol­low­ing terms, phras­es, words, and their deriva­tions shall have the mean­ings giv­en herein: 

AIRCRAFT is any con­trivance now known or here­after invent­ed, used, or designed for nav­i­ga­tion or for flight in the air.  The word “air­craft” shall include heli­copters and lighter-than-air pow­ered craft and balloons.

  AUTHORIZED PRIVATE RECEPTACLE is a con­tain­er of water-tight con­struc­tion with a tight-fit­t­ing lid or cov­er capa­ble of pre­vent­ing the escape of con­tents with­in.  Such recep­ta­cles shall have han­dles or oth­er means for safe and con­ve­nient han­dling and be of such size or suf­fi­cient capac­i­ty to hold all lit­ter gen­er­at­ed between col­lec­tion peri­ods and shall be in com­pli­ance with the reg­u­la­tions promulgated.

CONSTRUCTION SITES means any pri­vate or pub­lic prop­er­ty upon which repairs to exist­ing build­ings, con­struc­tion of new build­ings or demo­li­tion of exist­ing struc­tures is tak­ing place.

HANDBILL is any print­ed or writ­ten mat­ter, any sam­ple or device, dodger, cir­cu­lar, leaflet, pam­phlet, paper, book­let, or any oth­er print­ed mat­ter of lit­er­a­ture which is not deliv­ered by the Unit­ed States Mail Ser­vice, includ­ing, but not lim­it­ed to those which: (A) adver­tise for sale any mer­chan­dise, prod­uct, com­mod­i­ty or thing; or (B) direct atten­tion to any busi­ness or mer­can­tile or com­mer­cial estab­lish­ment, or oth­er activ­i­ty for the pur­pose of either direct­ly or indi­rect­ly pro­mot­ing the inter­est there­of by sales; or (C) direct atten­tion to or adver­tise any meet­ing, the­atri­cal per­for­mance, exhi­bi­tion, or event of any kind for which an admis­sion fee is charged for the pur­pose of pri­vate gain or prof­it. LITTER is garbage, refuse and rub­bish and all oth­er waste mate­r­i­al which, if thrown or deposit­ed as here­in pro­hib­it­ed, tends to cre­ate a dan­ger to pub­lic health, safe­ty and wel­fare. LOADING AND UNLOADING DOCK means any dock space or area used by any mov­ing vehi­cle for the pur­pose of receiv­ing, ship­ping and trans­port­ing goods, wares, com­modi­ties and per­sons locat­ed on or adja­cent to any stream, riv­er or land. PRIVATE PREMISES means all prop­er­ty includ­ing, but not lim­it­ed to, vacant land or any land, build­ing or oth­er struc­ture designed or used for res­i­den­tial, com­mer­cial, busi­ness, indus­tri­al, insti­tu­tion­al or reli­gious pur­pos­es, togeth­er with any yard, grounds, walk, dri­ve­way, fence, porch, steps, vestibule, mail­box, and oth­er structure(s) appur­tenant there­to. PUBLIC PLACE means any and all streets, side­walks, boule­vards, alleys or oth­er pub­lic ways, lakes, rivers, water­cours­es, or foun­tains and any and all pub­lic parks, squares, spaces, grounds, and build­ings. PUBLIC RECEPTACLES means any recep­ta­cles pro­vid­ed by or autho­rized by the Coun­ty. VEHICLE is every device in, upon or by which any per­son or prop­er­ty is or may be trans­port­ed or drawn upon land or water, includ­ing devices used exclu­sive­ly upon sta­tion­ary rails or tracks.