(A) No per­son, while the oper­a­tor of or pas­sen­ger in a vehi­cle, shall deposit lit­ter upon any pub­lic place or pri­vate premises.

(B) No per­son shall dri­ve or move any loaded or part­ly loaded truck or oth­er vehi­cle with­in the Coun­ty unless such vehi­cle is so con­struct­ed or so loaded as to pre­vent any part of its load, con­tents or lit­ter from being blown or deposit­ed upon any pub­lic place or pri­vate premis­es.  Nor shall any per­son dri­ve or move any vehi­cle or truck with­in the Coun­ty, the wheels or tires of which car­ry onto or deposit in any pub­lic place or pri­vate premis­es, mud, dirt, sticky sub­stances, lit­ter or for­eign mat­ter of any kind.