Unless the con­text oth­er­wise requires the words and phras­es here­in defined are used in this Arti­cle in the sense giv­en them in the fol­low­ing definitions:

AGRICULTURAL WASTE means any refuse, except garbage and dead ani­mals, gen­er­at­ed on a farm or ranch by crop and live­stock pro­duc­tion prac­tices includ­ing such items as bags, car­tons, dry bed­ding, struc­tur­al mate­ri­als, and crop residues but exclud­ing land­scape waste.

GARBAGE OR HOUSEHOLD TRASH means refuse result­ing from the han­dling, pro­cess­ing, prepa­ra­tion, cook­ing and con­sump­tion of food or food prod­ucts; includ­ing plas­tic containers.

LANDSCAPE WASTE means any veg­etable or plant refuse, except garbage and agri­cul­tur­al waste.  The term includes trees, tree trim­mings, branch­es, stumps, brush, weeds, leaves, grass, shrub­bery, and yard trimmings.

OPEN BURNING means the com­bus­tion of any mat­ter in such a way that the prod­ucts of the com­bus­tion are emit­ted to the open air with­out orig­i­nat­ing in or pass­ing through equip­ment for which a per­mit could be issued under Sec­tion 9(b) of the Envi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Act of the State of Illinois.