This Arti­cle may be cit­ed as the “Smoke Free Air Code,” the pur­pose of which is to pro­tect the pub­lic health, com­fort and envi­ron­ment by pro­hibit­ing smok­ing in all enclosed pub­lic places and places of employ­ment, with­in twen­­ty-five (25) feet of all pub­lic entrances to such places, in open air pub­lic din­ing areas and with­in twen­­ty-five (25) feet of such areas, and with­in cer­tain unen­closed pub­lic places includ­ing school grounds, parks and recre­ation areas and out­door venues in order to ensure that non­smok­ers may breathe air free from the haz­ardous effects of sec­ond­hand smoke.