(A) Every dog which is required to be inoc­u­lat­ed against rabies under the pro­vi­sion of the Act or this Chap­ter, shall be pro­vid­ed by its own­er or keep­er with a col­lar or har­ness made of leather, met­al, or oth­er sub­stan­tial mate­r­i­al to which the own­er or keep­er shall cause a cur­rent rabies vac­ci­na­tion tag to be secure­ly attached.

(B) Every own­er of a dog under four (4) months of age shall have a tag spec­i­fy­ing the owner’s name, address and tele­phone num­ber attached to a col­lar or har­ness which shall be worn by the dog at all times.

(C) Any col­lar or har­ness required by this Sec­tion shall be worn by such dog at all times, except when such dog is con­fined to an enclosed area.