In case the own­er of any impound­ed ani­mal desires to make redemp­tion there­of, he or she may do so by doing the following:

(A) Pay­ing for the rabies inoc­u­la­tion of the dog or cat and reg­is­tra­tion, if applic­a­ble; and

(B) Pay­ing a board­ing fee of, pur­suant to Sec­tion 10(c) of the Act, for the peri­od the ani­mal was impound­ed at a rate of Eight Dol­lars ($8.00) per day; and

(C) Pay­ing an addi­tion­al impound­ment fee of Twen­­ty-Five Dol­lars ($25.00) pur­suant to Sec­tion 10(d) of the Act; and

(D) Pay­ing a Twen­­ty-Five Dol­lar ($25.00) pub­lic safe­ty fine to be deposit­ed into the Pet Pop­u­la­tion Con­trol Fund; pro­vid­ed, how­ev­er, such fine shall be waived if it is the animal’s first impound­ment and the own­er has the ani­mal spayed or neutered with­in four­teen (14) days; and

(E) Com­ply­ing with all require­ments of the Act regard­ing the redemp­tion of impound­ed animals.