Code of Ordinances

Of Union County, Illinois.

30‑1‑3 Definitions

“Emergency Management” means the efforts of the State and the political subdivisions to develop, plan, analyze, conduct, implement and maintain programs for disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

“Emergency Management Agency” means the agency established by ordinance within a political subdivision to coordinate the emergency management program within the political subdivision and with private organizations, other political subdivisions, the State and federal governments.

“Emergency Operations Plan” means the written plan of the State and political subdivisions describing the organization, mission, and functions of the government and supporting services for responding to and recovering from disasters.

“Emergency Services” means the coordination of such functions by the State and its political subdivision, other than functions for which military forces are primarily responsible, as may be necessary for proper to prevent, minimize, repair and alleviate injury and damage resulting from any natural or technological causes. These functions include, without limitation, fire fighting services, police services, medical and health services, rescue, engineering, warning services, communications, radiological, chemical and other special weapons defense, evacuation of persons from stricken or threatened areas, emergency assigned functions of plant protection, temporary restoration of public utility services and other functions related to civilian protection, together with all other activities necessary or incidental to protecting life or property.

“Disaster” means an occurrence or threat of widespread or severe damage, injury or loss of life or property resulting from any natural or technological cause, including but not limited to fire, flood, earthquake, wind, storm, hazardous materials spill or other water contamination requiring emergency action to avert danger or damage, epidemic, air contamination, blight, extended periods of severe and inclement weather, drought, infestation, critical shortages of essential fuels and energy, explosion, riot, or hostile military or paramilitary action.

“Mobile Support Team” means the utilization of personnel to be dispatched by the Governor, or, if he so authorized the Director, by the Director, to supplement local political subdivisions for emergency management programs in response to a disaster.

“Coordinator” means the staff assistant to the principal executive officer of a political subdivision with the duty of coordinating the emergency management programs of that political subdivision.

“Political Subdivision” means any county, city, village, incorporated town or township is in a county having a population of more than two million (2,000,000).

“Principal Executive Officer” means chairman of the county board, supervisor of a township if the township is in a county having a population of more than two million (2,000,000), mayor of a city or incorporated town, president of a village, or in their absence or disability, the interim successor as established pursuant to Section 7 of the Emergency Interim Executive Succession Act.

“Disaster Training Exercise” means a planned event designed specifically to simulate an actual disaster which will provide emergency operations training for emergency response personnel. Actual response by EMA volunteers to local emergency situations not qualifying as disasters, as defined in this Section, is considered a disaster training exercise. Provided, however, that performance of the usual and customary emergency functions of a political subdivision (e.g., police, fire or emergency medical services) is not included within this definition of a disaster training exercise.

“Illinois Emergency Management Agency” OR “IEMA” means the agency established by this Act within the executive branch of State Government responsible for coordination of the overall emergency management program of the State and with private organizations, political subdivisions and the federal government.

“Municipality” means any city, village or incorporated town. 

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