(A) EMA mem­bers who are paid employ­ees or offi­cers of the Coun­ty, if called for train­ing by the State Direc­tor, shall receive for the time spent in such train­ing the same rate of pay as is attached to the posi­tion held; mem­ber who are not such Coun­ty employ­ees or offi­cers shall receive for such train­ing such com­pen­sa­tion as may be estab­lished by the Coun­ty Board.

(B) The State Trea­sur­er may receive and allo­cate to the appro­pri­ate fund,  any reim­burse­ment by the State to the Coun­ty for expens­es inci­dent to train­ing mem­bers of the EMA pre­scribed by the State Direc­tor, com­pen­sa­tion for ser­vices and expens­es of mem­bers of a Mobile Sup­port Team while serv­ing out­side the Coun­ty in a response to a call by the Gov­er­nor or State Direc­tor, as pro­vid­ed by law, and any oth­er reim­burse­ment made by the State inci­dent to EMA activ­i­ties as pro­vid­ed by law.