(A)  The EMA Coor­di­na­tor may, in col­lab­o­ra­tion with oth­er pub­lic agen­cies with­in his imme­di­ate vicin­i­ty, devel­op or cause to be devel­oped mutu­al aid arrange­ments with oth­er polit­i­cal sub­di­vi­sions with­in this State for rec­i­p­ro­cal dis­as­ter response and recov­ery assis­tance in case a dis­as­ter is too great to be dealt with unas­sist­ed. Such mutu­al aid shall not, how­ev­er, be effec­tive unless and until approved by each of such polit­i­cal sub­di­vi­sions.  Such arrange­ments shall be con­sis­tent with the State Emer­gency Oper­a­tions Plan and State emer­gency man­age­ment pro­gram, and in the event of such a dis­as­ter as described in Sec­tion 4 of the Illi­nois Emer­gency Man­age­ment Agency Act, it shall be the duty of the EMA to ren­der assis­tance in accor­dance with the pro­vi­sions of such mutu­al aid arrangements.

(B) The EMA Coor­di­na­tor may, sub­ject to the approval of the Direc­tor of the Illi­nois Emer­gency Man­age­ment Agency, assist in the nego­ti­a­tion of mutu­al aid agree­ments between this and oth­er states.