(A) Gen­er­al.  The sure­ty bonds required for util­i­ty work and occu­pan­cy on Coun­ty high­way rights of way are intend­ed pri­mar­i­ly to assure the prompt and sat­is­fac­to­ry replace­ment and repair, at no cost to the Coun­ty, of Coun­ty high­way facil­i­ties that may be dam­aged or dis­rupt­ed by the util­i­ty com­pa­nies oper­a­tions or occu­pan­cy.  These bonds are not to be con­sid­ered as per­son­al injury and prop­er­ty dam­age insurance.

The mon­e­tary val­ue of the sure­ty shall be based on the poten­tial for high­way facil­i­ty dam­ages which may be relat­ed to the type and vol­ume of trans­mit­tant, and the phys­i­cal dimen­sions of the util­i­ty facilities.

(B) High­way Per­mit Con­tin­u­ing Bond.  Sure­ty is to be pro­vid­ed as a con­tin­u­ing bond to remain in full force and effect for all Util­i­ty Com­pa­nies issued a Gen­er­al Util­i­ty Per­mit pro­vid­ing for long-term or per­ma­nent occu­pan­cy of Coun­ty high­way rights of way.

(C) Indi­vid­ual High­way Per­mit Bond.  Sure­ty shall be pro­vid­ed by a con­trac­tor who con­structs or main­tains util­i­ty facil­i­ties under per­mit for a munic­i­pal­i­ty or oth­er pub­lic body which is not required to main­tain a con­tin­u­ing bond.  Indi­vid­ual High­way Per­mit Bonds are to remain in full force and effect until the spe­cif­ic project is com­plet­ed and the high­way right of way left in a con­di­tion sat­is­fac­to­ry to the Department.

(D) Con­tin­u­ing Bond for Util­i­ty Con­trac­tors.  A con­trac­tor, who has occa­sion to fre­quent­ly request per­mits for util­i­ty work for pub­lic enti­ties, may pro­vide, at his option, for a con­tin­u­ing bond.  This arrange­ment elim­i­nates the need for the con­trac­tor to secure an Indi­vid­ual High­way Per­mit Bond for each project.