Cer­tain facil­i­ties that may be con­sid­ered as qua­si-util­i­­ty occu­pan­cies may be per­mit­ted on Coun­ty high­way rights of way sub­ject to the applic­a­ble require­ments and restric­tions for the more com­mon util­i­ty instal­la­tions here­in cov­ered in detail.  In this cat­e­go­ry would be such facil­i­ties as High­way Light­ing, Drainage Ditch­es, Irri­ga­tion Ditch­es, Lev­ees and pos­si­bly some others.

These mis­cel­la­neous facil­i­ties, where and when per­mit­ted, shall be con­struct­ed in accord with the Department’s cur­rent design stan­dards and be sub­ject to struc­tur­al analy­sis when appropriate.