In the facil­i­ties installed on Coun­ty high­way rights of way are aban­doned, the util­i­ty com­pa­ny may, at the option of the Super­in­ten­dent of High­ways be required to remove such facil­i­ties and restore the right of way to a sat­is­fac­to­ry con­di­tion.  Such removal is not expect­ed to be a nor­mal require­ment but request­ed only when the aban­doned facil­i­ties will inter­fere with antic­i­pat­ed con­struc­tion or oth­er antic­i­pat­ed use of the right of way in the area or when exis­tence of the aban­doned util­i­ties could be detri­men­tal to the highway.