In con­struct­ing a pub­lic high­way, if a ditch is made at the junc­tion of high­ways, or at the entrance of gates or oth­er open­ings of adjoin­ing premis­es, the high­way author­i­ties shall con­struct good and suf­fi­cient cul­verts or oth­er con­ve­nient cross­ings.  New entrance cul­verts or cross­ings or addi­tions to exist­ing entrance cul­verts or cross­ings along an exist­ing pub­lic high­way or street where there is a ditch may be made with the con­sent of the high­way author­i­ties, pro­vid­ed the appli­cant for such entrance cul­vert or cross­ing con­structs at the applicant’s expense a good and suf­fi­cient cul­vert or oth­er con­ve­nient cross­ing of the type and size spec­i­fied by the high­way author­i­ties, which struc­ture shall then become the prop­er­ty of the public.