Code of Ordinances

Of Union County, Illinois.

33-7-1 General

(A) The Department’s policies for the preservation and conservation of roadside trees, shrubs and turf are based on the inherent value of these environmental features to the public well-being and enjoyment.

(B) Tree trimming for line clearance shall not be considered a normal maintenance operation and each tree trimming project shall require the application for and the issuance of a separate working permit.

(C) Applications for tree trimming permits shall include assurance that the work will be accomplished by competent workmen with supervision experienced in following accepted tree pruning practices.

(D) Poor pruning practices resulting in damaged or misshapened trees shall not be tolerated and shall be grounds for cancellation of the tree trimming permit.

(E) The Department will require compensation for trees extensively damaged and for trees removed without authorization.  The formula developed by the International Shade Tree Conference shall be used as a basis for determining the compensation for damaged trees or unauthorized removal of trees.

(F) The Department may require the removal of trees if trimming or radical pruning would leave them in an intolerable condition.

(G) The Department may require that special measures be taken to preserve specimen trees or trees of special significance.  The required measures may consist of higher poles, side arm extensions, covered wire or other means.

(H) Tree trimming permits shall designate an expiration date in the interest of assuring that the work will be expeditiously accomplished.

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