(A) The own­er, occu­pant or agent of each house, build­ing or oth­er struc­ture assigned a num­ber under the uni­form num­ber­ing sys­tem pro­vid­ed in this Arti­cle shall place or cause to be placed such num­ber on or near the house, build­ing or oth­er struc­ture with­in nine­ty (90) days after receiv­ing noti­fi­ca­tion of the prop­er num­ber assignment.

(B) Cost and instal­la­tion of the num­bers for the struc­tures shall be paid for by the prop­er­ty own­er.  Num­bers shall be not less than three (3) inch­es in height.  All num­bers shall be made of a durable, reflec­tive, and clear­ly vis­i­ble material.

(C) All num­bers shall be con­spic­u­ous­ly placed imme­di­ate­ly above, on or at the side of the appro­pri­ate door to the house, build­ing, or oth­er struc­ture so that the num­ber is clear­ly vis­i­ble from the street.  In cas­es where the struc­ture is sit­u­at­ed so that num­bers placed upon it can­not be clear­ly vis­i­ble from the street, the struc­ture num­ber shall be placed near the walk, mail­box, gatepost, fence or oth­er appro­pri­ate place so as to be clear­ly vis­i­ble from the street.

(See 5 ILCS 220/3)