Code of Ordinances

Of Union County, Illinois.

33-9-4 Placement of Numbers

(A) The owner, occupant or agent of each house, building or other structure assigned a number under the uniform numbering system provided in this Article shall place or cause to be placed such number on or near the house, building or other structure within ninety (90) days after receiving notification of the proper number assignment.

(B) Cost and installation of the numbers for the structures shall be paid for by the property owner.  Numbers shall be not less than three (3) inches in height.  All numbers shall be made of a durable, reflective, and clearly visible material.

(C) All numbers shall be conspicuously placed immediately above, on or at the side of the appropriate door to the house, building, or other structure so that the number is clearly visible from the street.  In cases where the structure is situated so that numbers placed upon it cannot be clearly visible from the street, the structure number shall be placed near the walk, mailbox, gatepost, fence or other appropriate place so as to be clearly visible from the street.

(See 5 ILCS 220/3)

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