Code of Ordinances

Of Union County, Illinois.

34‑3‑10 Improvement Plan Procedures

Improvement plans do not require Planning Commission action, but shall be approved by the County Engineer who shall certify to the Planning Commission that the plan is in conformance with these regulations and requirements. Variance from these requirements shall be permitted only by Planning Commission action pursuant to Article VII. No developer, however, shall proceed with any construction work in the project area before obtaining this approval. In minor subdivisions, if in the opinion of the County Engineer, this requirement would create an unnecessary hardship, the County Engineer may waive improvement plan requirements, provided he so notifies the Planning Commission in writing.

(A) To secure formal action on the improvement plans, the developer shall file three (3) blue line prints of the improvement plans with the Zoning Officer who shall forward them to the County Engineer.

(B) The County Engineer shall review the proposed im­provement plans and notify the Planning Commission, in writing, of his approval, conditional approval, or denial. Upon notification by the County Engineer, the Zoning Officer shall notify the applicant by making a copy of the County Engineer’s report stating the approval, conditional approval or denial. If the notice is of denial, or conditional approval, the County Engineer shall, as a guideline to applicant, state his reasons.

  1. Approval means the applicant is now authorized to proceed with the physical improvements in the subdivision, provided the County Board accept the improvement plans.
  2. Conditional approval means the developer may proceed as outlined in the preceding paragraph, but only after he has submitted three (3) copies of the corrected improvement plans to the Zoning Officer, who shall forward the plans to the County Engineer.
  3. Denial means disapproval of improvement plans. For further consideration, the developer must rework his plans to conform to the requirements and then resubmit the reworked plans to the Zoning Officer as though they were a completely new set of plans.

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