Code of Ordinances

Of Union County, Illinois.

34‑5‑10 Easements

Easements of not less than ten (10) feet in width shall be provided on each side of all rear lot lines, and alongside lot lines where necessary for storm and sanitary sewers, gas, water and other mains, and for electric and telephone lines for other public utilities. Easements of greater width may be required along or across lots when necessary for the extension of main sewers or other utilities or where both water and sewer lines are located in the same easement. A two (2) foot easement shall be required on one (1) side of and adjacent to an alley to accommodate pole lines.

Adequate easements for storm water drainage shall be established along any natural drainage channel and in such other locations as may be necessary to provide satisfactory disposal of storm water from streets, alleys and all other portions of the subdivision. The location and minimum widths of such easements shall be approved by the County Engineer.

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